Le Nerd

Oct 19


I don’t know how to reply to a reply, but thank you for that! Im working on un-slumping, but it’s hard. This weekend kind of knocked me off course, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Oct 19

When did i become that guy

With no friends, no boyfriend, and a disinterested family?

Oct 18
Cat sweater weather^^

Cat sweater weather^^

Aug 31


This cover is insaneee

This cover is awesome

May 03

I wish i had friends

Particularly, the kind that don’t like to go places. Or that only like to stay local and go to the movies or read books together. I would hang out with that friend.

Apr 29

Well, another one bites the dust.

I forgot how much this hurts.

Apr 22

I continue to try to be a sitcom heroine

Did i fall over in the locker room at the gym because i was alone and fake stripping, and i got trapped in my pants? Yes, i did.
Am i currently wearing my very short bathing suit shorts to a restaurant because i’m too lazy to put on separate underwear and pants again? Yes, i am.

Obviously, i’m doing really well at being a grown-up today.

Apr 20

You know how i know im drunk?

Because i just listened to “indie rock and roll” by the killers and cried. Also i have a ton of homework that im muddling through, thinking about my youth, and waiting for mcdonalds delivery to arrive.

Apr 19

I don’t know why i try to shop at H&M

Every time, i am fat-shamed in the fitting room and reminded that their clothes are for tall, thin Swedes, not short, stubby, Hobbit-adjacent me.

Mar 14

I have so much homework to do today

But i’m probably going to watch tv and sleep instead.